Who is Me?

This will be a fun challenge for me!  To see how this site will change over time as I get the hang of building my own website.  I know how challenging it is for all moms out there, especially ones that choose to work, as I have.  Fortunately, I am able to work from a home office two days a week, but I still require outside help from family members, to help watch the kids during the daytime hours.  I rely on many different gadgets around the house to help keep my children entertained, out of trouble, safe, fed and at times, QUIET!  I will give some insight into which products help me get the daily job done, and which items have been more hassle than they’re worth!  I haven’t been paid for any opinions, so you’ll know they will be the whole truth and nothing but the truth!  Now, here’s a little more info as to what has made me who I am…
My hubby and I met in 1999 and have been best friends since.  He is my rock and truly my life partner when it comes to raising our kids and making our home a sanctuary for them.  We married in 2001 and had our first child in 2005.  
Our children are the constants and lights in our lives!  Our oldest will be starting third grade this fall.  There was a time when I contemplated home-schooling all of my children for fear of strangers that could bring them harm between my home and their classroom. I still have that fear, but as my children get older, that fear does seem to subside little by little.
Our second child is 7 going on 30! She is our little drama queen and loves to be all about herself in all that she does!  She plays up to her audience and can manipulate like the best of them!  I really wish I could find it less funny when I see her do it because I know it’s going to come full circle when she’s approaching her tween years!  UGH!  Sooooo going to be a hard time for both me and hubby.  It’s what we signed up for though, so I can’t really complain too much about it!
Baby number three is such a guy’s guy!  He is 5 and has been in the “terrible twos” mode for about 3 years now!  He clearly is trying to find his place in the family and just doesn't want to be left out.  He is our wild one though.  My hubby says that he is a spitting image of how he was at that age.  Oh great!  ;)
Last, but definitely not least, baby number 4, our newest addition.  She is 3 years old and is such a joy.  She reminds us of our oldest son, by how loving and gentle her spirit is, but boy is she fiesty when she wants her way.  She rounded out the group so nicely!  Boy, girl, boy, girl, and they compliment us in every single way imaginable!  I never would have guessed that I would have had four children, and so close together in age, but it has ended up being such a blessing.  Had we waited any longer to start our family, we probably wouldn't have had as many children as we did.
So, there you have it.  My family in a nutshell.  Hubby and I do everything we can for our kids and our days revolve around them, as it should.  They know they are loved and we hope that with everything we do for them, that they will be raised to be educated, responsible and thoughtful members of society.  Our main hope and goal for them is that they are happy and healthy.